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Dr. Sandeep Raj
Associate Dean of Research & Consultancy
Email: dornc[AT]

Message from Associate Dean Research & Consultancy

As the Associate Dean, Research & Consultancy at IIIT Bhagalpur, I'm excited to embark on a journey of innovation and discovery. This institution, an Institute of National Importance under the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, is committed to the pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and socio-economic advancement.
Our mission is to create an environment where research thrives and innovation flourishes. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human understanding, exploring new frontiers of technology, and finding solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. As we embark on this journey, we stand at the cusp of remarkable opportunities.
I believe that our collective potential is limitless. By fostering a culture of collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and interdisciplinary research, we will pave the way for ground-breaking discoveries. Our goal is not only to expand the horizons of knowledge but also to translate this knowledge into practical solutions that benefit society.
Our research and development initiatives will extend to areas that have a profound impact on our community and the world at large. We will engage in projects that address issues like healthcare, agriculture, clean energy, and sustainable development. Through our work, we aim to be a catalyst for positive change, driving progress and making a difference.
The students, faculty, and research community at IIIT Bhagalpur are our greatest assets. Together, we will inspire and mentor the next generation of researchers, encouraging them to dream big and innovate fearlessly.
Furthermore, we are committed to fostering international collaborations, establishing partnerships with renowned institutions, and ensuring that our research has a global reach and impact. This is an era where ideas and innovations transcend borders, and we intend to be at the forefront of this global exchange of knowledge.
I invite you to join hands in our pursuit of excellence. Let us work together to create a research ecosystem that not only drives academic achievement but also leaves an indelible mark on society. Your dedication, your passion, and your intellect are the driving forces behind our vision for the future. Together, we can build a better, more enlightened, and technologically advanced world.
Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm. I look forward to an exciting and productive journey as we set forth on this path of research and development at IIIT Bhagalpur.