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The temporary campus of Indian Institute of Information Technology Bhagalpur is located inside BCE campus. Security is of paramount importance and thus IIIT Bhagalpur has deployed well behaved, disciplined and capable security guards to maintain safety and securities in all posts of the institute.

The Security section of the Institute has laid down a few rules and regulations which have to be complied with by all residents and visitors on campus. The Security section is headed by a faculty in-charge, security. Additionally two security supervisors has been deployed to watch over the security functioning round-the-clock and to prevent any breach of security.


It is the responsibility of all the residents of the campus that they inform the Faculty In-charge, Security / Security Supervisors / Security Guards immediately on noticing any mishap, suspicious movements of persons, any untoward incident happening and/or, information regarding probability of any of these. Timely information is of vital importance.

Police Jurisdiction

IIIT Bhagalpur falls under the jurisdiction of Bhagalpur Police Station. Any case warranting Police Cover / Assistance should be reported to the Inspector of Police of the above mentioned Police Station. Such incidents should also be brought to the notice of Faculty In-charge, Security for internal enquiry. It must be understood that the Security section of the institute has no policing or constabulary powers. It has only watch and ward responsibility.

Mandatory Security Requirements

Listed below are certain security requirements which must be adhered to on campus.

  • Identity Cards

All students and employees of IIIT Bhagalpur are required to carry ID cards issued by the Institute. This document must be produced on demand to the Security Personnel.

  • Temporary Passes

The Security section temporarily allows contractors, casual employees, labourers employed by the Institute, servants, vendors and temporary visitors to enter the institute posts on filing an entry register. In every entry and exit gates a few routine / on demand security checks shall be complied with by the visitors to avoid any possible misplacement of the institute property or to prevent any undesired circumstances.

Miscellaneous Points

  • Speed limit of any powered vehicle within the campus is 40 km/h.

  • Persons below the age of 18 years are not permitted to drive powered vehicles.

  • Consumption of alcohol at public places inside the campus is not allowed.

  • Misplacing/damaging institute property is an offence.

  • Poaching/hunting/fishing is strictly prohibited.

  • Lighting of open fires on the campus is not allowed.

  • Disposing of plastic bags inside institute premises is strictly prohibited.

  • Trafficking in/or possession of any type of drugs is an offence.

Dr. Tameshwer Nath
Faculty In-charge, Security
IIIT Bhagalpur-813210
Ph: +91-9528993366

Mr. Sunil Kumar
Security Supervisor
IIIT Bhagalpur-813210
Ph: +91 7766089335
Mr. Madhusudan Pathak
Security Supervisor
IIIT Bhagalpur-813210
Ph: +91 9955559996