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Required  Document In case of Hospitalization/OPD

The Following Documents are required in case of Hospitalization

(1) IRDA approved claim form(Attached) should be filled up.(Both Part A&Part B).Part B should be attested by Hospital.

(2) E-Card and ID Proof of Patient.

(3) Dr.Advice for Hospitalization.

(4 )Discharge Summary of Patient from Hospital Should be Signature and Stamp of Hospital in Proper Format .

(5) Final bill of Hospital with Complete Breakup(Running bill no.),Should be Signature and Stamp of Hospital.

(6 ) Money Receipt with running receipt no.against final bill of Hospital(Including Advance and Final),Should be signature and Stamp of Hospital.

(7) All Medicine bills with Supporting Dr.Advice.

(8 ) All investigation reports,bills with Supporting Dr.Advice.

(9) Investigation Reports Confirming the diagnosis.

(10) Xerox Copy of Indoor Case paper including admission note,Treatment Chart and Progressive note,Should be attested by Hospital along with stamp.

(11) Hospital Information like registration no.of Hospital, total no.of Beds,Nursing Staff,Drs. and facility available in Hospital.

(12) One Original Cancelled Cheque of Main Member(Name should be Printed).

IN CASE of RTA(Road Tariff Accident).

(14) Details injury report by treating Doctor along with MLC Copy.

(15) FIR/MLC copy if applicable along with Alcoholic/intoxication history.

The Following Documents are required in case of OPD

The New India Assurance Company Claim Form Part A.
Dr.Prescription for Consultation.
Money receipt against the Consultation fee.
Investigation reports along with bills and Dr.Advice.
Medicine bills along with Dr.Advice.
Patient Photo Id Proof.
One Cancelled cheque.