29-07-19 Monday Opening of Institute &
Registration of the continuing UG Students
30-07-19 Tuesday Registration of UG continuing UG Students
31-07-19 Wednesday Classes Begin for Autumn Semester for continuing students
05-08-19 Monday Registration of the freshly admitted UG Students
06-08-19 Tuesday Classes begin for the freshly admitted UG Students
07-08-19 Wednesday Last date of academic registration of continuing students wil late fee
09-08-19 Friday Orientation program for the newly admitted students,
Freezing the grades (Including Supplementary)
12-08-19 Monday Eid-ul-zoha
13-08-19 Tuesday Issuing grade cards
15-08-19 Thursday Independence Day
10-09-19 Tuesday Muharram
20-09-19 Friday Display of the Attendance Before Midsem
27-09-19 Friday Commencement of Mid-Semester Examination, Day 1
28-09-19 Saturday Mid-Semester Examination, Day 2
30-09-19 Monday Mid-Semester Examination, Day 3
01-10-19 Tuesday Mid-Semester Examination, Day 4
02-10-19 Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi's Birth Day
03-10-19 Thursday Mid-Semester Examination, Day 5
04-10-19 Friday End of Mid-Semester Examination, Day 6*
07-10-19 Monday Dussehra (Maha Navami)
08-10-19 Tuesday Dussehra (Bijoya Dashami)
09-10-19 Wednesday midsem break
10-10-19 Thursday midsem break
11-10-19 Friday midsem break
18-10-19 Friday Tech fest day-1, Last date for showing the  evaluated mid-semester answer scripts to students
19-10-19 Saturday Tech fest day-2
20-10-19 Sunday Tech fest day-3
27-10-19 Sunday Diwali
01-11-19 Friday Chhat Puja
10-11-19 Sunday Eid-e-milad
12-11-19 Tuesday Guru Nanak's Birth Day
18-11-19 Monday Display of the Attendance Before Endsem
22-11-19 Friday Last day of class and issuing of admit card to the students
25-11-19 Monday Commencement of End-Semester Examination, Day1
26-11-19 Tuesday End-Semester Examination, Day2
27-11-19 Wednesday End-Semester Examination, Day3
28-11-19 Thursday End-Semester Examination, Day4
29-11-19 Friday End-Semester Examination, Day5
30-11-19 Saturday End of End-Semester Examination, Day6*
11-12-19 Wednesday Last date for showing evaluated End-semester answer scripts to students
12-12-19 Thursday Last date of submission of grade sheet by the faculty members to their departments.
13-12-19 Friday DAC meeting
16-12-19 Monday UGPEC Meeting for publication of the result
25-12-19 Wednesday Christmas Day
02-01-20 Thursday Registration for all the UG students
03-01-20FridayRegistration for all the UG students
06-01-20 Monday Classes Begin for Spring Semester
*Final day reserved for exam if needed counselling,reporting dates and guidelines